Sound Credit

The music industry supply chain is massively inefficient — we are revolutionizing it for creators and humanity.

What drives Sound Credit?

Best tech practices from leading minds, focused development, and big vision.

the human element

We conducted over 5,000 hours of formal discovery with real people at every level of the industry as we wrote the 4 million lines of code that run the platform.

user base

Sound Credit started in 2017 with the most viral music software release in history, meaning every decision has been informed by users in over 60 countries.


Sound Credit's leading group of investors has enabled advice and guidance from Fortune 500 companies and Forbes 400 individuals from Silicon Valley to London for best-practices and unique positioning.


Every detail of Sound Credit is designed to solve a problem understood from formal discovery. Value is baked in to every feature, refined over years from consistent usage and feedback.

Our mission

There is $1.4 Billion in unpaid royalties in the music industry every year.

This is largely because the music industry has no standard system for collecting music credits and royalty data and delivering it through its supply chain.

Sound Credit was the first platform for this and it was the most viral music software release in history.

Sound Credit is solving the problem of music industry credits and royalties, as well as the issues stemming from the heavily fractured music industry marketplace.

Ultimately, Sound Credit's mission is to help music organizations accurately recognize and pay music creators with easy-to-use technology and resources that improve the quality of music credits.

Our story

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In Sound Credits 4-year history, it has proven the model for the future of music credits and attribution, while unifying the individuals who have worked in this area over the past 3 decades.



This release became the most viral music software release in history.  Leading the newly-formed Soundways, Inc. to rebrand with the Sound Credit DBA and pivot immediately to the music credits and attribution space. This was also the first ever implementation of the DDEX RIN standard in any software available to the public.



The Sound Credit desktop app was an important first post-pivot step to provide a practical solution for music credits. A massive new feature set was added, moving decisively beyond the plug-in.



Sound Credit was the first company to deliver a DDEX RIN file to a major label from the production process. This was seen as the ultimate milestone for the music credits movement.


Major Platform Developments

Sound Credit 3 included the announcement of world's first automated ISNI registration system, the addition of over 20 exports to the platform including record label formats, the release of mobile app, and a powerful expansion of cloud functionality.


proDUCtion manager CONsolidation

Sound Credit hires the majority of active production managers in the United States and begins providing services to all major labels and several top indie labels.

Our Team

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