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RIN-M Pro is the music industry's solution for credits and metadata — representing many years of efforts.  Now's your chance to be a part of the biggest movement involving data in our industry's history.

Limited-time Introductory Price ($39)



  • RIN-M became an extremely viral audio plug-in, with international adoption in over 50 countries.  Learn more here.
  • We are announcing RIN-M Pro, which makes it a complete system for credit list approvals and liner notes.
  • The regular price will be $49, and to make it a no-brainer, the introductory price is $39.
  • Proceeds will fuel the RIN-M project to fully reach industry goals and targets.
  • This is your chance to be at the forefront of this major industry movement.
  • You will understand it early, gain a competitive advantage, and save money if you buy today during the introductory discount.

RIN-M Pro features include:

 PDF Reports for approvals and liner note generation

 BWAV Embed for adding artist name, song name and ISRC into WAV files

 Mass Process plug-in for checking-in to multiple RIN files in a single action and other options

 Email address entry which is added to the PDF Reports used for approvals

 Additional information can be entered for participant profiles and songs

  Studio window decal to let users know they can check-in at your facility

 Automatic numbering of RIN files according to track number for albums and EPs




$49.00 Reg.
Limited Time Introductory Price