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RIN-M:  Credits and Metadata, Solved

The metadata revolution in the music industry is here, we can now give credit where credit is due.  Enter a full set of data in the least-possible amount of time.  Also, there is a free version to be sure everyone has access.  


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Be discoverable, receive your credits, and secure your legacy.

Influencer Message

We are calling on every downloader to use their full influence to build common use of RIN-M.

The music industry deserves credit for its work and RIN-M delivers the ideal elements, often discussed at events and conferences:

 Data gathered at the point of creation

 Workstation Integration / DAW Agnostic

 Standardized metadata format (First & only RIN implementation)

 Users remain in full control of credit information

 Highly streamlined data entry with saved profiles

 Tools made available for educators (Partnered with The Blackbird Academy)

 Easy deployment and installation

Start using RIN-M today and begin sending RIN files downstream.  During this phase, some people downstream will not be aware of it, and you will need to inspire them to download and get started.

The final RIN file can be used to create accurate liner notes and soon the major services will begin taking the RIN files.  We are actively building those partnerships.

If you have never shared or supported an industry movement before, now is the time.




DDEX is a consortium of companies including Apple, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, and over 30 others.  They met over the course of 10 years to make music metadata standards.  For 4 of those years, The Recording Information Notification (RIN) standard was being discussed and prepared.

Now the wait is over, and a powerful industry-first is acheived.  Soundways developed the first software that implements the RIN standard, as a multi-platform audio plug-in.

RIN-M makes entering metadata as streamlined as possible, as it was developed using Soundways' modern design thinking methods and UX auditing approach.

In seconds, hundreds of lines of metadata can be generated.



“Music credits are a widespread international issue and RIN-M puts the dialog and efforts of many groups into practice.”

 — Cameron Craig, Executive Director of the UK Music Producer’s Guild
& Grammy winning engineer and mixer - Album of the Year, Adele '25'


How does it work?

RIN-M is a check-in system for people and companies, as they create music.

  1.  Enter artist name & song title
  2.  Select a profile or enter participant information
  3.  Add recording details
  4.  Export the RIN file & send it downstream with the project


Where are .RIN files sent? 

The RIN information is contained in a separate .RIN file.  Send your .RIN files downstream to the next participant in the chain, so they may also check-in.


Mastering engineers, please archive .RIN files along with your sessions.

A list will be published of labels and services that accept .RIN files.  While the list is building, please remain dedicated to the workflow and always send your .RIN files downstream.



RIN-M Pro allows reports to be generated and shared, creating a streamlined approval process.  It also includes essential options like desktop standalones, multi check-in and ISRC embedding. 

It's your chance to be a leader and gain a competitive advantage during this industry shift. 

Learn more and take advantage of the introductory price of $39.


RIN-M is Available for Mac & PC in AAX, AU, and VST Formats
Minimum Requirements: Mac OSX 10.8 or Windows 7 with Protools 10 or any VST2, VST3 or AU host.


Download The Blackbird Academy / Soundways RIN-M eBook Free!
Soundways partnered with The Blackbird Academy to create this free resource for students and educators.