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RIN-M combats long-standing song credit issues, earns praise from industry leaders


MEMPHIS, TENN., OCTOBER 5, 2017 - Soundways, a Memphis-based audio technology company, has introduced a breakthrough software plug-in to combat the music industry’s long-standing struggles with song crediting.  Named RIN-M, the software has experienced viral adoption with users in over 50 countries, representing the largest movement for song credit data in the music industry’s history.

“RIN-M has caused the most impactful movement involving data to happen in the music industry,” said producer and songwriter hall-of-famer David Porter who wrote “Soul Man” among other hit songs.  “Giving credit where credit is due is something long overdue for our industry.”

RIN-M enables songwriters, musicians, sound engineers, and over 100 other roles to easily associate their details with the recordings they create. It functions as a plug-in inside the recording software used by the music industry, giving control to the creators themselves with a focus on streamlined data collection at the source.

“Almost anyone in the music industry that you speak with has a story about a credit they did not receive.  People are giving their best to music, and their career depends on being recognized for it,” says Soundways CEO and co-founder Gebre Waddell. "RIN-M revolutionizes the music industry’s information supply chain.  It will save the industry millions in data collection costs, and ultimately allow the public to discover more about the creators behind recordings."

Brian Hardgroove, record producer and prior member of hip-hop group Public Enemy, corroborates, stating, “There is a record I produced that won a Grammy, and because I was inadvertently left out of the credits, I missed out on having that award on my shelf.”

RIN-M includes the first application of the Recording Information Notification (RIN) standard published by Digital Data Exchange (DDEX).  DDEX is a consortium of leading media entities including Apple, Amazon, Warner Music, BMI, Spotify and over 30 others.  DDEX has spent over 10 years on its mission of establishing metadata standards and in October 2016 published the RIN standard for music credits and metadata.  Soundways uses the RIN standard to ensure all relevant information about a recording can be shared in a universal way.

Until now, song credit information, such as participating artists and engineers, has been stored across a variety of databases and formats, or not stored at all.  Because of this, music industry professionals often miss credits, which also affects royalty payments.  This issue has been described as the highest priority problem in the music industry, with coverage at conferences including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), South by Southwest (SXSW) and National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).

 “Music credits are a widespread international issue and RIN-M puts the dialog and efforts of many groups into practice,” said Cameron Craig, Executive Director of the UK Music Producer’s Guild, and Grammy-winning mixer and engineer on Adele’s album25.

 Going forward, the practice of checking-in to songs will need to be part of sound engineering academia.  To that end, Soundways has partnered with The Blackbird Academy – Professional School of Audio, a school that operates at the famed Blackbird Studio in Nashville.

“We believe reaching students with this software is key for industry adoption and teaching young users to embrace their growing legacies,” explains Kevin Becka, co-director of The Blackbird Academy

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Soundways is a Memphis-based corporation that develops breakthrough audio technology for sound engineers as well as embedded applications.  The company is dedicated to revolutionizing the supply chain of sound recordings from the studio through to the listener.    Soundways has achieved users in over 50 countries with recognition throughout the music industry.


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