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The .RIN File Extension

The .RIN File extension is used by Soundways RIN-M to load and save information about sound recordings and the participants that create them.

These files often accompany a .WAV file or a recording session file.


File Extension Creation

The file extension name was created by Soundways during design sessions for the RIN-M plug-in.  It was preferred over other options to simplify discussions about RIN-M and the files generated from it.  


.RIN File Format Technical Description

The .RIN file extension denotes a file exported by Soundways RIN-M or RIN-M Pro that uses the Recording Information Notification (RIN) standard that was created by Digital Data Exchange (DDEX).  The DDEX RIN format is expressed as an XML schema.

More particularly, files with the RIN filename extension are MIME text/xml type conforming to the DDEX RIN XML schema, and which are exported by Soundways RIN-M and RIN-M Pro.


File Icon

RIN files created with RIN-M may be displayed with the following file icon:

RIN File Icon or ICO


Previous Usages

The usage described here is the only modern usage of the file extension.  Other usages of the .RIN extension are from previous computing eras and are extremely rare or entirely defunct.


How to Open

To open a .RIN file, you may use the free Soundways RIN-M plug-in for Digital Audio Workstations such as Protools, Logic, Garageband or Reaper:


There is also a standalone desktop application for opening these files with PC, Mac or Linux, available in the paid RIN-M Pro version.