Core Production Bundle Keyboard Shortcuts

It is easier to concentrate on listening when you aren't looking at a computer screen.  What the eyes see can have a significant effect on what we hear.  This interplay between the senses is called cross-modality.

The Soundways Core Production Bundle now features keyboard shortcuts to make it easy to focus on listening alone.  This small feature makes a big impact in the listening evaluation process.


Simply press each key of your numpad from left-to-right, starting at the top on the number 7 to quickly go through each of Reveal's keyboard shortcuts.  Press the "0" key to toggle between bypass and the last filter you used.  

Note:  Be sure NumLock is enabled to use the keyboard shortcuts.

Critical Listening:  Numpad-7
Passive Listening: Numpad-8
Harshness Listening: Numpad-9

Quality Review:  Numpad-4
FM Curve:  Numpad-5
Device: Numpad-6
Mono Elements:  Numpad-1
Distortion Listening:  Numpad-2
Vehicle Analysis:  Numpad-3

Bypass All:  Numpad-0


LowLeveler's keyboard shortcuts are meant to make it easy to make fine adjustments in Low Leveler and to split the difference between your last adjustment and the zero point.

Upper Bass:  6 to increase
Upper Bass:  3 to decrease
Upper Bass:  9 to split the difference between the current value and zero.

Lower Bass:  4 to increase
Lower Bass:  1 to decrease
Lower Bass:  7 to split the difference between the current value and zero. 

Character Types (Organic, Flat, Accurate):  Press 0 to cycle through them.