Soundways Products Now Distributed through Avid Marketplace and Thomann

Soundways reached distribution agreements with Avid Marketplace (USA) and Thomann (Germany) by June 2017.

The Core Production Bundle product is now live on both websites and users are beginning to engage with the brand through these channels.  This adds a layer of convenience for Soundways users that use Avid products.  Those users will not have to leave their ecosystem for 

NAMM 2017: Soundways Announces Exciting New Partnership with Avid

Soundways announced an exciting new partnership with audio giant Avid at NAMM 2017.  More details coming later in the quarter.


Soundways CEO Lecture On Specialized Design Thinking at University of London

Soundways CEO, Gebre Waddell, lectured on a Special Purpose Application Design Thinking approach at the University of London during the Audio Developers Conference.