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The 5 Most Powerful Secrets for Mixing Amazing Vocals

Mixing Vocals

Mixing vocals is perhaps the most important task for a mixing engineer.  Regardless of the genre, the majority of listeners will focus on the lead vocal.  Listeners may be able to tolerate a bad acoustic guitar sound.  If the vocal sound is lacking, they will notice immediately. 

Many beginner engineers struggle to get a good vocal sound.  This can lead to countless hours spent mixing only to produce poor results.  Soundways has now developed the Core Production Workflow to help engineers mix vocals. 


How to Mix Bass Instruments That Cut like Magic

All About That Bass

Mixing bass has always been a painful issue for audio engineers.  Studios are getting smaller in size and bass reproduction often takes the biggest hit.  Even with perfect acoustics, balancing bass can be a big challenge. That's because there are few true solutions to the problems of mixing bass

An engineer can spend years learning the sound of one studio environment.  Change the room or speakers, and they feel like they are flying blind.  This can be frustrating and may lead some engineers to question their abilities.  Soundways created the Core Production Workflow to deal with the problems of bass translation.