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Core Production Bundle Keyboard Shortcuts

It is easier to concentrate on listening when you aren't looking at a computer screen.  What the eyes see can have a significant effect on what we hear.  This interplay between the senses is called cross-modality.

The Soundways Core Production Bundle now features keyboard shortcuts to make it easy to focus on listening alone.  This small feature makes a big impact in the listening evaluation process.

Reverb: 5 Practical Tips for Adding Depth to a Flat Mix


Reverb can add depth to a flat mix.  It can bring life to dead instruments.  It can even make a home recording sound as if it was tracked in a large space.  

Reverb can also cause clutter in a mix.  A poorly placed reverb can result in bad mix translation on consumer listening systems.  Engineers need a way to ensure that they are accurately adjusting reverb levels in a mix.  

Here are some tips to help you get the perfect reverb.