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5 Tips: Setting Perfect Levels with the Core Production Bundle

Balancing Levels

Setting levels is the most fundamental aspect of mixing music.  Before the days of Pro Tools and endless editing, mix engineers were known as "balance engineers."  This is because the primary duty of a mix engineer is to balance levels between musical elements.  Critical listening skills are essential to setting precise levels.  Mix engineers usually need a room with great acoustics and extremely accurate monitoring to ensure that they are creating a balance which translates to all listening systems.  However, trends in modern music production have led many engineers to work in smaller spaces, with less than perfect acoustics.  This causes engineers to make poor decisions when balancing tracks.  Thankfully, Soundways has developed the Core Production Bundle to help engineers and producers set levels in the most accurate way possible.  

5 Ways to Improve Your Tracking Sessions

Tracking with The Core Production Bundle

The Soundways' Core Production Bundle helps recording, mixing, and mastering engineers deal with the painful problem of mix translation.  Often times things will sound great in the studio, but won't on consumer listening systems.  Engineers need a way to ensure that their mix will sound great on every speaker system.  That is why Soundways developed the Core Production Bundle.  

Delay: 5 Tips for Adding Excitement to Your Mixes

Why Use Delay?

Delay is one of the most commonly used effects processors.  Delay works by simply sending an audio signal to a recording medium then repeating it over a determined length of time. Throughout the history of delay, recording enthusiasts have used various methods to achieve this effect.