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5 Tips: Add Punch and Glue with Mix Bus Compression

Why Use Mix Bus Compression?

Mix bus compression can be a mysterious and confusing topic for novice mixers.  Many top engineers swear by it, claiming that it can add depth, punch, and glue to a mix.  However, it can seem like a dark art if you are new to mixing.  So, why use mix bus compression?

5 Tips: Using Reference Mixes

Using Reference Mixes

Mixing music can be highly subjective.  For novice engineers, it can be hard to know where to start.  Many will ask "how do I know if my mix is good or not?"  Well, the truth is that every mix is different.  A mix that sounds great for one genre may sound horrible for another.  So, how do engineers know if a mix sounds good?

5 Tips: Mixing for Optimal Loudness

Mixing for Optimal Loudness

Loudness can be quite a contentious subject amongst audio engineers.  The "Loudness Wars" have been raging since the 1980's and record labels have been pushing engineers to produce louder and louder masters.  To accomplish this, mastering engineers tend to apply copious amounts of peak limiting.  This can make things sound brittle and has lead to the sonic degradation of some otherwise well-produced tracks.