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Catching Up with the Metadata Revolution

The Changing Music Industry

For the last 17 years, the music industry has been rapidly changing.  The introduction of the internet, along with large amounts free content has lead to the devaluing of recorded music.  In the days of CD's, consumers were forced to buy physical products if they wanted to hear a song.  Now, streaming services allow listeners to access huge libraries of music for only a small monthly fee.  

RIN-M: Why You Should Care About Metadata

Why Should I Care About Metadata?

The music industry has changed in a big way.  The internet revolution, along with file sharing services, has led to the devaluing of recorded music.  Over the years it has become harder and harder for musicians to generate revenue from their recordings.  Payment models have drastically changed in the last ten years.

5 Tips: Add Punch and Glue with Mix Bus Compression

Why Use Mix Bus Compression?

Mix bus compression can be a mysterious and confusing topic for novice mixers.  Many top engineers swear by it, claiming that it can add depth, punch, and glue to a mix.  However, it can seem like a dark art if you are new to mixing.  So, why use mix bus compression?